Patience can be pretty

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The Basic Nude Lips Tips:

 If your lips are flaky or chapped, exfoliate with a lip scrub. Nude shades don’t offer much coverage.
 Apply a liner in the same shade as your lips for a plumper, more dramatic effect, then swipe on shade as usual.

Problem: I can never find the perfect nude for my skin tone.

Solution: If you’re fair  , go for light golden or peachy nudes to add warmth to your skin without accentuating ruddiness. If you have olive undertones or medium skin try pink and rosy shades—they will make your skin look brighter. Warm golden bronze and caramel nudes will make dark skin,  glow and give darker lips some dimension.


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Wedding Day Makeup…Bride and Mom

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The Power of Blush

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Rules that should be followed for a simple pretty blush flush

1. Keep it real, mimic a healthy glow, roses for light skin, apricots for medium skin and brick for dark skin types.

2. Finding the right consistency, Creme Blush, Gel Blush or Powder Blush, generally Creme formulations  for normal to dry skin, Gel for Oily skin and Powder for Normal to oily skin types.

3. Proper Placement, For a natural look place blush at the top of the apple of your cheek. Depositing most of the pigment where rosiness would show up if you had just ran down the beach. I always smile for a more exact placement on my cheeks.  Blend outward towards the ear.

4. Great Tools, For Powder blush a fan brush or a soft big angled brush. Gel or Creme blush your fingers are the best tools.

5. Powder Primer, If you are using a powder blush use a translucent powder to prime the face before applying powder blush. If you want a dewy look just powder the place where you will apply the powder blush.

6. Lasting Power, To prolong your cheek color all day, first apply creme or gel blush, powder the area with translucent powder then apply powder blush. The color should last for hours.

7. Rosacea, If you tend to over flush apply an opaque foundation. If Rosacea verges on purple, peachy or a soft bronze blush will counteract the redness. If your skin is more rosy look for a muted or peachy rose. For Truly red Rosacea, try a brownish rose.

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Red Lips….a classic!

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Ways to Wear Blue Eye Shadow

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Fresh Sugar Lemon Scrub Recipe

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1/2 cup Organic Brown Sugar

3 Tblspoon Sweet Almond Oil

1 lemon squeezed

Blend Ingredients

Apply to face in circular motion

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Let’s Glo Girls

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Naturopathica Skin Care

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Pink Truffle Pot Rouge for Yoga Photo Shoot

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Beautiful Neutral Look

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“Seen in the City”

Erica wears Jane Iredale Mineral Foundation

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Nudes Lips

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How you’ll wear them: With a rosy blush and a couple of coats of mascara. ” Select your neutral shade wisely. Nudes tinged with bronze are gorgeous on dark skin, and peachy versions bring warmth to olive complexions. The fair-skinned must tread most carefully: Test shades on your hand to make sure they do…n’t have a hint of frost; the best choices have pink undertones.

      1. Prestige Cosmetics Classic Lipstick in Spunky, $4.50.
      2. MAC Lipstick in Siss, $14.
      3. Clarins Joli Rouge in Hazelnut, $23.
      4. Flirt! High Wattage in Golden Confetti, $10.
      5. Chanel Glossimer in Gold Shine, $26.
      6. Aveda Uruku Lip Pigment in Sheer Ivory Nut, $14.
      7. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Just Enough Buff, $8.

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Brow Power

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Brow Power

The brow is an essential starting point to give your face a fresh look. The power behind the brow shape is dramatic. It can recast your face, lift and brighten you eye and basically make you feel wide eyed .

Here are the basics to shaping your own brows or directing a brow shaping professional.

Working on your own:

  1. Start by using a straight edge to find the beginning, arch and end of Brow.
  2. Mark above the brow the three points with a brow pencil.
  3. Use a Tweezer with a slanted edge to tweeze.
  4. I never recommend that a novice wax their face.

Working with a Brow Stylist:

  1. Ask the technician  how long she has been an esthetician.
  2. Ask for a mirror in order to show the brow technician where to wax/thread/tweeze.
  3. Ask her for advice if you are unsure what you want.
  4. Bring several photos of brow shapes .
  5. Waxing or Threading above the brow offers a very defined brow so if you are looking for the natural look I would have the technician only tweeze below the brow.

This Brow company has semi permanent eyebrow tattoos and birthmarks.

The brows are fantastic for those of you who have very thin brows or no brows.

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Makeup Forever Matte Red Lips

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Knight Divine at the Cooper Sq Hotel

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“Seen in the City”  March 2, 2010

Cooper Square Hotel NYC.. The Bipolar Explorer Gig

Makeup Artist/Holistic Nutritionist Nicole Martin has lovey eyes.

Get this look.. Nars-Orgasm Blush, Mac-Knight Divine Shadow + Mac-Too Lust Lip gloss

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Channeling Chanel

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“Seen in the City” February 22, 2010

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Gorgeous Lashes

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Tricolor Makeup Look

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To Accomplish this eye …Tap on Shu Uemura, Shimmer Blue, Shimmer Mint and Shimmer Violet. Line eyes with Mac Black Track Fluid Line.

Don’t forget to subtly blend all colors into each other so there are no hard lines. Check out my Facebook fan page (RamonaMakeup) for a tricolor video tutorial with msmakeupjunkie.

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Smoky Eyes

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Seen In the City November 2009.

Smoky Eyes… Justin Tranter the lead singer of Semi Precious Weapons outside the Red Devil Lounge in San Francisco … he has some pretty fierce eye make up! They are currently opening for Lady Gaga.  Aly Mifa Solot…wearing pink spring cheeks! Talent Agent/Manager

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At The New French on Hudson NYC

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Seen in the City: January 3 2010

Lashes add drama. I usually use false lashes by Ardell. So easy to apply.

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Contouring Gives Dimension to Your Face

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Contouring the Face. In four easy steps.

Contouring adds shadows to your face to create dimension, carving the cheeks or accenting the cheekbones, thinning out the nose, etc.
Read More

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Dramatic Lips

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Seen in the City

Seen in the City: November 2009

How do you get your Andy Warhol 15 minutes of fame? Wear red dramatic lips!!

At Luca Bar NYC…. red lips that really make a statement.

To create this look, I love the Sinners’ Opaque Lipstick in Red by Lipstick Queen with a touch of Mac Clear Glass over the red.

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“Fresh” Resolution

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I never make resolutions on New Years Day cause I make them weekly.

But because we are in the Month of Resolutions why not make one to step up your makeup routine. I have decided to start my day with “Fresh” Top Protection Layer Spf 20, then apply mascara and finally Sugar Lipstick in Rose by “Fresh”. Simple morning makeup steps that can make a real difference in your confidence.

xo Ramona

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Red Lips Symposium

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Yes, I have admired women who can wear red lips my whole life. You would think being a makeup artist I would boldly spread on luscious red lip color and be a charter member of ‘women who wear red lips.’ I guess for now I’m a Neutral lip girl.

To go for the luscious red lips look, here is the process that I use… Read More

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